Amazon Rolled Out End-To-End Encryption for Ring Devices Globally

Amazon Rolled Out End-To-End Encryption

Ring, a home security system that uses video doorbells, first launched in 2014 and has been seen as a valuable acquisition by Amazon. It was co-founded by Michael Harris and Jamie Siminoff, who co-founded several other companies like Auctane and Shoptiques.

The end-to-end encryption will enable users to secure their video feeds and voice calls through the Amazon Cloud Cam, Video Doorbell 2, Spotlight Cam Battery, and Floodlight Cam. The company says that this ensures that users’ data remains only in their control. 

The end-to-end encryption ensures that no one else can access any information from these devices, and videos are not retained by Ring on its servers after being sent to the cloud servers. No one else, including Amazon employees, can access any user data.

It means that only the camera and the person—or people—viewing the footage at any given time can see it, with no third parties having access to the information without permission. The feature was previously limited to US devices only, so this new roll-out marks a much broader commitment to customer privacy.

Ring is A Device That Alerts Users of Their Smartphone When Someone is in Their Home or Office

With this new feature, customers can now control their Ring devices remotely from anywhere in the world—they can be at work, sitting on their couch, or out on vacation and still be able to view live video feeds from their home or office. The encryption also enables users to speak with someone at the door even if they aren’t home—all they have to do is allow voice calling via Alexa (Amazon Echo).

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Why Select Amazon Encryption 

  • Amazon’s cloud service is reliable and secure, designed to protect data from unauthorized access. For example, customers can have new features pushed automatically to their devices without updating the software themselves.
  • Multiple features allow you to use your Ring devices more securely. For instance, users can set notifications to go off only when they recognize a specific person in front of their door or when they get an alert that a person is near their entrance but not ringing the bell.

 The keypad will also allow you to control who has access to your home remotely. Anyone who has your access code will be denied entry if you do not want them there.

  • The Ring app allows you to see live footage on your phone, even if you are not home. One can also receive instant alerts if the camera detects something unusual, such as people appearing in places they should not be or motion where no one should be moving.

You can even set up zones on your property and get alerts only if something happens within those zones. It makes it easy for homeowners who have large properties that are hard to monitor all at once with one

Frequently Asked Questions of Amazon Rolled Out End-To-End Encryption

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) secures communications from Point A to Point B by ensuring that no one, not even Amazon, can read the messages sent through Ring devices. It creates a trusted connection between you and your home and allows you to communicate securely with anyone with the unique phone number assigned to your Ring device.

The Bottom Line 

Ring, a home security provider, end-to-end encryption support globally to all its Ring devices. You can now personalize your security settings according to your unique preferences and needs.

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