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Google Chrome Removed FTP for Good

It’s unclear why Google removed FTP support from Chrome, but it’s probably related to security concerns. FTP servers are often used to host malware or other types of malicious content on the web, 

FTP Alternative 

  • Dropbox: If you’ve got a Dropbox account, this is an excellent way of moving files around. Dropbox has apps for both Windows and Mac OS X, allowing you to quickly drag and drop files into your Dropbox folder and then view them from any computer connected with your account. You can also send large attachments using email as attachments instead of attaching them directly to an email message.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive is another good option if you need an easy way to transfer large numbers of files from one location to another without having them clog up your inbox. It also works with Windows and Mac OS X, though it doesn’t have as many features as Drop.
  • FileZilla: This open-source software has been around since 2001 and was once the most popular FTP client available. FileZilla is not as lightweight as other options but still offers all the features you need for file transfers.

 It also has a built-in feature that allows you to work with SFTP servers that support encryption. This feature is disabled by default, but you can enable it by going to FileZilla’s preferences menu and clicking on the “Encryption” option at the bottom of the window (the green checkmark).

  • Cyberduck: It’s another open-source FTP client that has been around since 2005. This one has fewer features than FileZilla but works just as well for basic file transfers and also supports SFTP connections if needed (it’s disabled by default). Cyberduck also supports file compression when transferring files over HTTP
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FTP is an unencrypted protocol, meaning all data sent between servers is sent in plain text. It can be risky, especially if you transfer sensitive data like credit cards or social security numbers.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a more secure version of FTP that uses SSH to encrypt communications between servers. SFTP uses port 22 by default (the same port used by SSH). If you’re using PuTTY on Windows to connect to your server using SFTP, you’ll need to connect using “SecureFX” rather than “FTP.”

FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over SSL) is similar to SFTP because it also uses SSH to encrypt the communications between servers. However, unlike SFTP and other encryption-based protocols such as HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL), FTPS does not use certificate authority or a digital signing process to validate encryption certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use FTP if I want to?

Yes, if you’re using Windows or macOS and don’t mind using a third-party application like FileZilla or WinSCP, you can continue to use FTP for file transfers. But if you’re on Linux or Chrome OS, then your only option will be SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). The downside of this is that it requires an SSH key pair — which you can create by following this guide — but it’s still preferable over plain old HTTP(S) regarding security and privacy concerns.

How do you Delete Code With 95% Accuracy?

The first step is downloading the Malware bytes Anti-Malware software on your computer and installing it on your PC. After installation, run this application and click the Scan button to start the scanning process on your computer. When the scan gets completed, click the Next button for further actions (if required).

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After completing this step, click the Next button again to permanently delete all detected files from your PC. At last, reboot your PC once again to apply all changes made on it successfully.


FTP is no longer a reliable way to transfer large amounts of code, and the HTTP standard is a safer and easier way to achieve the same results. By removing FTP for good, Google Chrome takes another step to make the web more secure.

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