Video Game Concepts: How to Generate Killer Video Game Ideas to Hook Players to the Game

The video game industry is thriving and booming. If you are not yet into gaming, then there are chances that you will soon think about it in near future. 

As per the reports from PWC, the video gaming industry will escalate to $321 billion by 2026. (Gaming and Media News)

Video game designers are under persistent pressure. The pressure is to satisfy this enormous number of gamers across the globe and cut the largest portion of profit from the market. For an android game development company, it has become crucial to integrate advanced technologies like AR, VR, NFTs, blockchain, Etc., into their game development process. Many game studios have already partnered with Immersive technology consultants or with the top NFT game development company.

But, what about considering the basic thing in game design and development? Yes, we are talking about video game concepts. No matter what advanced technologies you are employing, if the concept is poor, it will never work.

We all know that the basic responsibility of video game design is to generate a killer game idea and concept that will sweep the players off their feet off the ground. So, you are all set to create a video game. Your aspirations are sky-high. However, somewhere between the excitement, and thrill, to much surprise, your mind is heading towards blank. No matter how hard you try to bring something novel on the platter, nothing comes out of the creative corner of your head.

Don’t worry. It is not the end of the road. Creativity is a gift. But, being creative and generating innovative video game concepts is more like a skill to hone. Here, we will help you to learn to fine-tune your game design and development talent to master game ideas generation.

Ways to Create Killer Video Game Concepts

A lot of things go around developing a great game title. And among them, the concept is the first and foremost thing. Without video game concepts, a video game is nothing but a cluster of technologies and visuals. And it is entirely up to the designers and developers how to create and sell killer gaming ideas. Following are the effective ways to keep the gaming idea generation process free-flow:

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Pick a Trending Genre

A bunch of video game genres is out there. Some are the latest, some have been around for a long time, while some are trending.

  • What is your favorite game genre?
  • Which one is trending?
  • Do you want to go with an age-old game genre or a new one? 

Whether it is RPS, FPS, RPG, Simulation, Adventure, or the Puzzle, plenty of options are there to play with your video game concepts. When you are all set, then consider honing your creativity in one particular game genre. See, what can come up to the surface of your brain?

Consider Choosing a Game Niche

A niche is no less important than a game genre. It is the game niche that will help you to weave the backstory of the game shortly. Suppose you want to unleash your creativity in the RPG game genre. On choosing the fantasy niche for your game, you can create a fantasy-driven RPG instead of a simple RPG. See what kind of magic you can create when you magnify the limitation of your thought process.

The World is an Incredible Bizarre Place

From the birds tweeting on the branches, ducks rolling around the ponds, mountains exhaling lavas, to cars rushing on the highways, the world around us is incredible. An incredible world with bizarre inhabitants like us is enough to mine out outstanding video game concepts. Why don’t you start interacting with people around you?

Try out Other Mediums

Okay, the world and its people are not helping you in getting a brainstorming game idea. So What? Never feel to get stuck. There are plenty of other options, too, to draw your inspiration. You can play some popular video games of the same genre, watch TV, movies, listen to music to generate a cool video game idea. Come on, what is your favorite?

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Active on Gaming Communities

Get yourself active around various gaming communities. You can be a part of the video game designers’ communities or the gamer’s communities. The former will enable you to learn the trending video game design practices, while the latter will help you understand what the audience likes to play these days, which games they detest, etc. It is a great way to spark game design ideas in your head.

Modeling the Ideas  

Modeling your ideas is crucial to modify your gaming concept. The top video game designers use it as a secret sauce to serve a killer gaming idea on the platter. Once we finalize a concept, we tend to separate the elements and analyzing them to sharpen the gaming concept overall. The process will enable you to make improvements to their basic gaming ideas.

Do you need to add anything extra?

Is there something exaggerating?

Do the elements require any modification?

 These are some of the best methods to come up with great video game ideas. It’s okay if you find your mind blank. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with our expectations that our creative flow seems to get bold out. But, if you consider one of these mentioned techniques, your creativity will get revived. 

Wrapping up

Different players enjoy different games. Not everyone enjoy playing hyper-casual or first-person shooter. Some gamers like exciting backstory while some prefers exciting gameplay and actions.

So, as a reputed android game development company, consider your audience’s preference first, and then work on your video game concepts. Remember, gameplay and story are two of the most important aspects of a successful game; once you have the story established it can help you create an art style that will fit the world.

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