A Brief Guide to On Demand Medicine Delivery App Development for Pharmacy App

On-demand medicine delivery app is one such domain that is gaining huge popularity and has a huge success rate, when it comes to on-demand app solutions that have completely changed the way of doing business and our lives as consumers. 

According to the Market Data Forecast, the global online pharmacy market is likely to touch the valuation of $107.5 billion within a tenure of five years from 2022 to 2027. That too at the CAGR of 16.81%. 

Another report from Statista suggests that the online pharmacy market revenue is likely to reach $34.71 with a CAGR of 11.45% by 2026. 

These stats clearly demonstrate a huge potential of growth in on-demand medicine delivery applications globally. Therefore, if you are a pharmacy store owner and  willing to place a strong emphasis on the market. It is the right time to shift your paradigm from traditional to modern through an intriguing digital solution. 

Since health is the top most priority for every individual and in this smartphone dom world, no one wants to stand outside a drugstore in a long queue to buy prescribed medicines. And sometimes people feel awkward while asking for some particular drugs and medicines in front of others. 

On the other hand, medicine delivery apps keep your privacy, save time and energy while availing you to purchase prescribed medicine from the comfort of home. 

What Is a Medicine Delivery App?

A medicine delivery app or a pharmacy app is a software application that allows users (patients, friends, family) to purchase prescribed medicines online and get their doorstep delivery from the nearest warehouse available. 

How Does Medicine Delivery App Work?

The working of on-demand medicine delivery applications is quite simple and takes only 3 steps to complete the process. If you decided to build a single-store application. It will keep two versions of the application- a store app and a user app. On the contrary, a partnership app model comprises three app versions including a user app, a store owner app and an admin panel app to complete the medicine purchase process. 

These are the above mentioned 3 steps to complete a medicine ordering process. 

Step-1: Registered app users will browse the prescribed drugs and medicines and add them to the cart. 

Step-2: Further they will proceed to complete the order by making payment of the added cart items. 

Step-3: The chemist will receive a notification of the ordered medicines. He will check the prescription, get the medication and prepare for delivery. 

What Are the Advantages of Online Medicine App?

An online medicine app offers the following benefits to the customers and pharmacists. 

  • Consumers can simply place orders for the prescribed medicines from wherever they are all through the app. It saves their time and efforts by going to invest in visiting the pharmacy store and standing there in queue for their turn.
  • They can avail competitive discounts from offline pharmacies using these online medicine app solutions as cashback from the platform owner. 
  • Users can simply check whether the required medications are available or not. And can add medicines to the wishlist to get the notification when they are available. 
  • The mobile app comes packed with a feature to consult with a doctor in case the prescribed medicine is out of stock and you need doctor’s help to find the right alternatives for it. 
  • Medicine delivery apps completely eliminate the location barriers for pharmacists and pharmaceutical warehouses. And let them reach a wider audience base for improved sales. 
  • Pharmacists can keep track of their inventory using medicine delivery apps. 
  • As an app’s admin, you can earn commissions from medical pharmacies for offering your platform to reach more customers. 
  • Another way you can earn money using your medicine delivery solution. By running advertisements for medical products, pharmacies and diagnostic centres.
  • As a platform owner, you can create and run ad campaigns to offer various discounts and deals. In order to attract more customers and improve your brand identity. 
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What Are the Key Features of a Medicine Delivery App?

A medicine delivery app has several must-have features consisting of its four app versions. Here we are demonstrating some of its important features for each app panel. Have a look and ensure that your on-demand medicine delivery software must integrate these features as mandatory. 

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Customer App 

Signup & Login: Users should be availed with a simplistic registration process through credentials like email & contact number or via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Login should also be allowed with the same details as well. 

Profile Management: Users should be allowed to modify and manage information like personal details, prescriptions, payment details, order history, etc. 

Advance Search: The pharmacy app must allow users to look for medicines as per their requirements that are categorised based on diseases. 

Upload Prescriptions: The app solution must provide the ease of uploading medicines prescription from gallery for an easy medicines purchase. 

Medicine Details: The app must provide required information about medicines from a dedicated medicine page. The information like brand, manufacturing data, manufacturer name, salts, expiry date and price. 

Expansive Search: A feature that enables users to find an alternative for the prescribed medicine, if not available in the stock. 

Pharmacy Store Panel

Manage Drug Details: Medicine delivery solution must enable pharmacists to add and remove medicines from the list provided on the mobile application. 

Order Management: Pharmacy store owners should be provided with the ease to make arrangements, process orders, deal with the customers’ returns and refund for those refunds. 

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Order Tracking & Notifications: The app solution must notify pharmacists instantly whenever an order is placed by the user for faster order processing. 

Digital prescriptions: There should also be a provision of easy access to digitally uploaded prescriptions. So that pharmacists can provide accurate medications. 

Delivery Executive Panel

Courier Profile: The app must provide the address and contact details of the customer and vice versa for the customer for a hassle free medicine delivery. 

Push Notification: To notify delivery agents for picking up the order once it is processed by the pharmacist. 

Real-time Tracking: The app must be featured with GPS tracking to provide location tracking ease to delivery executives at the right location. 

Delivery Updates: Once the delivery agent delivered the package to the concerned person. He should be allowed to change the delivery status by a click of a button. 

Admin Panel 

Inventory Management: An app feature that allows admin to track inventory and keep it up-to-date with the products. Also, admin should be notified from the expiry date of the products. 

Manage suppliers and users: Admin should be allowed to manage the suppliers, manufacturers and customers through its profile. 

Track ROI Profits: Admin should be provided ease to access analytics of the earnings throughout the year to make more informed business decisions. 

Access & Generate Reports: Admin should be allowed to prepare reports anytime they want including data workflow of the app. 

How To Build a Medicine Delivery App?

If you have decided to build your own medicine delivery app, consider the following steps. Before commencing your medicine delivery app development journey. 

  • Carve your idea
  • Do proper budgeting
  • Hire experienced 
  • Conduct in-depth market research to validate your idea
  • Create multiple app prototypes
  • Allow developers to code and make your app functional
  • Setup ad campaigns for digital marketing
  • When MVP of your app is ready, analyse it and update considering users feedback. 

How Much Does Online Pharmacy App Development Costs?

An online pharmacy app development cost depends on several factors. From app type, app platform, app complexity to numbers of app features, app developers’ location and experience, etc. Concerning these factors and other unavoidable costs, you can estimate investment somewhere in between $25,000 to $60,000. Whereas the app time to market will be somewhere four months to a year. Depending on your app complexity and the number of features you want to add to your app solution.


This is a must to know, if you are thinking about a medicine delivery app development solution for your pharmacy. Consider the provided information and make an informed decision to select an experienced medicine delivery app development company.

Don’t forget to consider your business objectives and budget accordingly.

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