The CAT Percentile Predictor is a high-accuracy tool that can determine your CAT 2022 percentile and the likelihood of your acceptance into MBA programmes.


The Common Admission Test, also known as CAT, is a test on a computer and is necessary for admission to graduate management programmes provided by IIMs and other top management colleges. 

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from a reputable institution is a goal for many people since it paves the way for them to participate in a wide variety of possibilities that might be interesting or helpful to them. These opportunities include the potential to engage in conversation with some of the country’s most intelligent people and get instruction from expert and productive teaching staff members. Additionally, alumni of these programmes often obtain larger pay packages than those who did not complete the programme.

Because of this, many people in India believe that the Common Admission Test, often known as the CAT, is one of the national-level examinations that is the most difficult to pass. On the other hand, if you prepare for the test with the appropriate tactic, a well-thought-out study plan, and the appropriate supervision from CAT Online Coaching, it is possible to pass the examination on the very first attempt. In addition, if you use the CAT Percentile Predictor, you can almost always precisely anticipate your CAT percentile and your chances of making it to the business school.


The percentile you received on the CAT is a relative score that indicates where you stand compared to all of the others who took the CAT. To put it another way, a candidate’s CAT percentile is a measurement that categorises them based on the scores of other candidates who scored lower than they did. For instance, if a candidate has a percentile of 99, this implies that his or her performance on the CAT test was higher than that of 99 per cent of the other individuals who took the test in that particular year.


In general, the basis of your CAT percentile is the following three key factors: the number of people taking the CAT in 2022, how well you perform in contrast to the performance of other applicants, and the difficulty level of the particular time slot and sections. After considering all these criteria, the predictor can offer an accurate estimate of the expected percentile you will receive. The accuracy of your estimated percentile will be directly proportional to the completeness and accuracy of the information you supply, including the number of questions you attempted, the number of questions for which you submitted the correct answer, and so on.

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It is vital to make proper use of the CAT Percentile Predictor, and the procedures  below will walk you through that process:

  • Navigate to the URL given to you to use the CAT Percentile Predictor. “sign up” process if you have not already done so when you visit the website.
  • You must fill out the essential information once you successfully log in to your account.
  • After entering the number of times you have attempted the test and a probable estimate of the number of questions you have correctly answered, you will be able to establish both your overall and sectional CAT percentiles. This will be possible once you have entered the necessary information.
  • After this, you will get details about many college options available.
  • When submitting applications to the universities of your dreams, you will be provided professional supervision and help from B-school counsellors. This is not the least of the benefits you will receive from the B-school.

It is important to remember that the results of your use of the percentile predictor will provide an estimate of your actual CAT percentile. In addition to your overall percentile, the most famous business schools will also consider the sectional percentiles you got on the exam. As a result, it is crucial to provide the predictor with information that can be verified.


The detection of relevant percentiles is made possible by normalising CAT score data. As you are probably aware, the candidates’ CAT percentiles are used to determine whether or not they will advance to the next phase of the selection process. Who advances to the next level is dependent on who wins this round. The primary goal of utilising the normalisation technique is to achieve parity among the various test papers and to increase the variety of CAT questions they ask during the various testing sessions. By carrying out the procedure in this manner, it will be possible to objectively evaluate each applicant’s performance. 

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Procedures for Selecting Students for Business Schools Once the results of the CAT have been made public, IIMs and other business schools will use the CAT percentile and other factors to choose students from the application pool. The minimum CAT score necessary for admission into a given school is decided by that school based on various criteria, including its reputation, academic standing, and the quality of the programmes it offers. Consequently, the anticipated business schools will contact you regarding further rounds.

The traditional components of these stages are a group discussion or exercise, also known as a GD or GE, an interview, and a written test of skills (PI). The candidate’s profile, achievements, academic/gender diversity, CAT percentile, and performance in GD, GE, WAT, and PI are all considered when making the final admissions choice. This decision is based on a variety of different variables.

If you want information on how to apply to different MBA programmes, visit their respective official websites. And last but not least, check that the data you entered into the CAT Percentile Predictor are accurate. After that, you can put this information to use by applying to business schools with application deadlines that are still in the far future.


Before making an educated decision about which universities and colleges offer MBA programmes, you need to know how high shoulda percentile on the CAT is required for admission to each institution. The CAT percentile is the minimum score required for candidates to be shortlisted by MBA colleges for the group discussion and personal interview rounds of the admissions process. However, to gain entry into prestigious MBA programmes, applicants must have a CAT score at or above the 85th percentile.

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