What is the ZIP Code of London

Zip code of London 

London is one of the most populated cities in the United Kingdom, and its area covers an extensive range. According to the statistics, the city has an 8,173,900 population, and around 17 million people live in London’s metropolitan area. Please select a postcode district you are interested in from this list below and judge the related information provided by us on that particular district.

 The codes in London use either the name or the abbreviation (for example, NW8) of the nearest Tube station, plus a three-digit code. These are widely used on the internet and other references and sometimes on maps but have no meaning for other transport services. The smallest single postcode units are the PO boxes at the Post Office, 4 and 5 digit numbers for street addresses which many people can share in one building or several near each other.

Location Code
BishopsgateE1 6AN
Portsoken E1 7AA
Portsoken E1 7AD
Portsoken E1 7AE
Portsoken E1 7AF
Portsoken E1 7AW
AldgateE1 7AX
AldgateE1 7AY
AldgateE1 7BH
PorksokenE1 7BS
AldgateE1 7BT
PorksokenE1 7DA
PorksokenE1 7DB
BishopsgateE1 7DD
BishopsgateE1 7DG
BishopsgateE1 7DJ
BishopsgateE1 7DP
BishopsgateE1 7DR
AldgateE1 7DS
Bishopsgate E1 7DW
Portsoken E1 7EA
Portsoken E1 7EB
Portsoken E1 7ED
Portsoken E1 7EE
Portsoken E1 7EF
Portsoken E1 7EG
Portsoken E1 7ER
BishopsgateE1 7ES
PorksokenE1 7EU
BishopsgateE1 7HA
BishopsgateE1 7HE
BishopsgateE1 7HF
BishopsgateE1 7HP
BishopsgateE1 7HT
BishopsgateE1 7HU
BishopsgateE1 7HX
BishopsgateE1 7HY
BishopsgateE1 7JA
BishopsgateE1 7JB
BishopsgateE1 7JD
BishopsgateE1 7JE
BishopsgateE1 7JF
BishopsgateE1 7JG
BishopsgateE1 7JH
BishopsgateE1 7JJ
BishopsgateE1 7LS
BishopsgateE1 7LP
BishopsgateE1 7LW
BishopsgateE1 7LX
BishopsgateE1 7LY
PortsokenE1 7PZ
PortsokenE1 7QB
PortsokenE1 7TJ
PortsokenE1 7TL
PortsokenE1 8AB
PortsokenE1 8AE
PortsokenE1 8AH
PortsokenE1 8AL
PortsokenE1 8AQ
PortsokenE1 8AR
TowerE1 8AT
TowerE1 8AW
TowerE1 8AX
Portsoken E1 8BN
Tower E1 8BQ
PortsokenE1 8BT
Tower E1 8BX
PortsokenE1 8BZ
TowerE1 8DF
TowerE1 8DP
TowerE1 8DU
PortsokenE1 8HZ
TowerE1 8LN
TowerE1 8LP
TowerE1 8LW
TowerE1 8PH
TowerE1 8PP
TowerE1 8RB
PortsokenE1 8RB
TowerE1 8RU
Bread streetEC1A 1AE
Farringdon WithinEC1A 1AL
Farringdon WithinEC1A 1HQ
Farringdon WithinEC1A 1LP
Farringdon WithinEC1A 1ZZ
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AA
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AD
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AE
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AE
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AH
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2AJ
Castle BaynardEC1A 2AL
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AP
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AQ
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AR
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AS
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2AT
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2AY
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BB
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BE
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BJ
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BL
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BN
Castle BaynardEC1A 2BP
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BQ
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2BS
Farringdon without EC1A 2DA
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2DD
Farringdon  Within EC1A 2DE
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2DH
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2DJ
Farringdon  WithinEC1A 2DL
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2DP
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2DQ
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2DR
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2DT
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2DY
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2EA
Farringdon WithoutEC1A 2EB
Farringdon WithinEC1A 2ED
Farringdon withinEC1A 2EE
Farringdon Within EC1A 2EJ
Castle BaynardEC1A 2EL
Castle Baynard EC1A 2EP

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What is a London postal code? 

People refer to zip codes as postcodes in the UK and other countries such as the US, France, and Germany. The London postal codes are a system of postal addresses used by Royal Mail for directing mail to the correct location.

Where can I find London’s postcode? 

It can be found on any official document that has been sent by Royal Mail if it has not been received.

Final words

London Zip Code is an excellent idea for any tourist who wants to plan his trip in advance and citizens moving to London or already living there. You will be able to find out the address of your home and the nearest metro station and supermarket, among other things.

 London is a city of extremes. It’s a place where the poor can become rich, and criminals can become royalty. It’s also a place where you’ll find just about everything in between dirty alleys, glittering palace halls, gangster hideouts, royal palaces, music halls, and museums. It has a long and colorful history that continues to shape its present.

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