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Watching NBA online has never been easier thanks to 6streams! It provides you with the best quality streams available on the internet so that you can enjoy all the action of the NBA without having to pay for a subscription.

What is 6stream 

6streams is a free online website to watch live sports events online. It offers a vast variety of channels divided into the most popular categories: football (soccer), basketball, tennis, and others.

The site was established in 2012, and since then, it has gained popularity among users worldwide. The main advantage of this website is that it offers live streaming without ads. You can watch matches on your computer or mobile device without restrictions or limitations.

In addition, 6streams also offers live scores & results, and highlights from all major leagues around the world: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more!

Ways to Access 6streams:

  • You can visit their website at http://6streams.tv/.
  • You can download their app from Google Play or App Store by searching for 6Streams Live NBA Games App. If you want to go old school, you can also use their desktop version by clicking on ‘watch now’ button which will bring up a list of links for different streaming sites like SopCast, AceStream, Vshare etc.
  • You can also watch 6Streams Live NBA Games online through Kodi by installing various add-ons such as Phoenix or Covenant which will let you watch any sports channel including ESPN, NBCSN etc with ease. 

Why Choose 6stream to Stream NBA Games

1. Unlimited Bandwidth and No Buffering Issues

The most important advantage of 6stream is that it has unlimited bandwidth and no buffering issues. You can enjoy watching your favorite match without any interruption or buffering issues. This is because it uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, which allows you to stream content by using other users’ computers as well as your own.

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2. Watch Both 720p and 1080p HD Quality Videos

6stream allows you to watch both 720p and 1080p HD quality videos on all devices, including tablets and smartphones. Also, it supports all video formats such as mp4, avi, webm etc., so you can easily play any video format by downloading it from this site.

3. Easy-To-Use Interface

You will find the interface of this site very easy to use because it only has two buttons: “Play Now” and “Watch Later” buttons. Simply click on either of these buttons to start streaming your favorite.

4. You Can Watch on Any Device

The ability to watch on any device is a huge advantage to 6stream. With most other options, you can only watch on a computer or television, but not both simultaneously.

If you’re watching a game on your laptop while out and about, it can be annoying to have to stop the stream every time you get home and try to find it in the streaming guide. On 6stream, you can watch games live at home on your TV and catch up with highlights when you’re out without missing a beat. 

5. Newest Channels are Added Every Day

One of the main reasons why people choose 6Streams over other similar websites is its ability to add new channels every day. These new channels include not only live sports but also movies and music videos as well! These channels are added so quickly after they were requested by users and that is what 6stream do to fulfil customers’ satisfaction.

6. You Don’t Need to Install Any Software or Plugins on Your Computer or Mobile Phone

6Stream is compatible with most devices and operating systems—from computers to mobile phones; as long as your device is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to watch NBA streams for free.

As far as hardware requirements go, you’ll only need a relatively modern computer or laptop (or smartphone) with at least one megapixel of display resolution. That’s pretty much it—you can be watching your favorite basketball team play live in no time!

7. No Sign-up Required 

The number one reason for a person to use 6stream is because it does not require signing up. With the plethora of streaming websites, many require you to register to view content.

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It can be seen as a burden, especially if you want to watch live streams that may require you to sign in and enter information. The great thing about 6stream is that it allows you to watch live streams without having an account. Another highlight of this website is the speed at which you can access streams and the quality.

8. All Links are Tested, So You Don’t Have to Worry about Speed of the Stream

Like Stream hunter and Stream live, many websites provide links to watch NBA games online. But with all of the different links and changes in quality and speed of the streams, you may never be able to find a clip that works for you.

 6stream provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for any NBA game easily, preview the video you’ll see, and then watch it in an easy-to-navigate window, all without being bombarded by ads or having to worry about the Stream itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch NBA games for free on 6stream?

There are several ways to watch NBA games for free on 6stream. The most popular method is by using Kodi software on your device and official add-ons from the 6streams website or from other third-party websites that host these add-ons for free.

What devices does 6stream support?

Currently, it supports all major platforms including iOS & Android mobile devices as well as desktop browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (PC/Mac). 


6streams is an excellent resource for getting NBA streams. It has a vast selection of live and free NBA games. The site provides users with a great variety of channels, it has many quality options to choose from, and the whole experience is seamless and easy to use.

The developers are continually updating the site to ensure that it remains one of the best places on the Internet for watching live NBA game streams. When choosing which site is best, most people look at the number of supported devices (all three platforms), but in most scenarios, you can watch live NBA streams no matter where you are by using 6streams.

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