Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

If you are in a tight spot and need to improve your game fast, getting the right club is imperative to your success. This article will introduce some of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

 Top 7 Golf for Mid Handicappers

The right driver can help you travel longer distances and get more out of every shot. There are many drivers on the market to choose from, but we’ve put this guide together to help you find the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers.

1. Ping G425 Max Driver

When it comes to golf drivers for mid handicappers, the PING G425 Max Driver is an exceptional choice. The lightweight titanium head has been created with a low center of gravity that provides extra distance and forgiveness. The 10.50 loft helps maximize distance off the tee and fairway while maintaining accuracy with a deep face that helps square up shots from any lie.     

If you’re looking for a driver that will help your game, look no further than the ping G425 max driver. It also features a large 460cc head and a higher ball flight to help you reach the green in regulation on approach shots. You will get more distance from this driver, making it perfect for mid-handicap players who want more distance from their drivers but don’t want to sacrifice spin or feel.


  • Phenomenal forgiveness
  • It has aerodynamic shape for quicker slap speeds


  • You might experience some distraction caused by the vanes on top

2. TaylorMade M6 Driver

The TaylorMade M6 golf driver for mid handicappers is perfect for those who need help getting their ball in the air more consistently. The M6 driver will launch the ball higher and more distance than ever before. Creating optimal clubhead speed and stability are two key factors behind this new driver’s dramatic increase in distance.

It’s excellent for mid handicappers and has a head weight of 302g. There are two types of graphite shafts, which are regular and stiff. It comes with an adjustable hosel to accommodate lefties as well as righties—the maximum loft supported by this club is16° and 21°. The face angle of this club measures at10° open, 12° neutral (standard), or 14° closed. The shaft length can be adjusted from 44″ to 46″.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, TaylorMade’s M6 golf driver is the perfect combination of stability and forgiveness to help you achieve more distance on off-center hits.


  • It has Aerodynamic style
  • It design to prevent side spin
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It has limited adjustability unlike prior models

3. Callaway Golf Mavrik

If you are a mid-handicapper, you need a lightweight and forgiving driver that can give you straighter shots. The Callaway Golf Mavrik driver is the perfect club for you.

The Callaway Golf MavriK driver is designed to help golfers of all skill levels get more distance from their drives. The clubface is wider and has a softer top line, increasing the size of the sweet spot and making this driver more forgiving than other models. The 460cc clubhead weighs in at 200 grams, helping it generate consistent ball speeds to maximize distance. And though this driver is designed for mid-handicappers, it has the power to help expert golfers drive long as well.

For mid handicappers willing to spend money on equipment, the Mavrik is your driver. All it takes is a slight swing and a few adjustments to your stance, and you’ll be able to hit every fairway and take home the trophy.


  • Very fast
  • Easy to hit
  • Many angle options


  • It isn’t appropriate for individual with slower swipe speed

4. Titleist TSi2

The Titleist TSi2 offers a sleek, classic shape that many golfers prefer. With the option of either a 10° or 12° loft, you can build the perfect driver to suit your game. Weighing in at only 300 grams, this driver will be easy to swing, even for mid-handicappers.

It delivers high ball speed for impressive distance and stability for straight drives. This Titleist driver truly provides the best forgiveness, accuracy, and distance for mid-handicappers.

The Titleist TS2 has the best combination that we’ve seen in a driver. The face is very large, with an undercut cavity and a lightweight carbon composite crown to increase its MOI. The high-speed titanium body is engineered to flex on off-center hits, further increasing forgiveness.


  • Adorable performance
  • It has a beautiful look


  • It has narrow weight tailor

5. Cobra F8 Driver

Cobra’s F8 Driver has been designed for mid-handicappers who want more distance, but with a tour shape and design that is easier to hit. The 460cc titanium head has been made larger but smaller than the MTX model, making it easier to square up at address and get the clubface through impact. This is one of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers out there!

This driver is shaped and weighted to improve forgiveness, which provides more forgiveness and makes it easier to hit solid shots from the tee. The heavier weighting also helps increase spin for added control when you need it on approach shots and pitches.

Cobra Golf is known for producing some of the best drivers for mid handicappers. The Cobra F8 driver is no exception, providing a sweet spot that measures only 7% smaller than the driver’s face, and a 460cc clubhead generates plenty of distance from any lie on the golf course. Add to this high launch and low spin, which gives you more carry distance with less work, and the F8 is an elite-level club.

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  • It’s more improve than F7
  • It’s flexible


  • It’s prone to numerous spins during misses 

6. Wilson Staff D9

The Wilson Staff D9 is a unique and well-balanced golf driver. It works well for mid handicappers because of its somewhat larger head and slightly softer weighting, allowing the user to get more distance out of their shots. With a 440cc clubface and a 10.50 loft, the staff D9 golf driver provides plenty of forgiveness without sacrificing precision. If you’ve had trouble hitting long drives in the past but would still like some forgiveness, this could be the perfect club!

It’s a perfect choice for mid handicappers who want to gain more distance and improve accuracy. Equipped with a heavy-duty motor, this driver has a spin rate of 2,250 RPM, giving it an advantage over most golf drivers in its price range. It has an aerodynamic head design that offers a controlled trajectory on long drives.

Moreover, Wilson staff pro line of drivers, the D9 putters are designed with a deep face and high moment of inertia to increase ball speed for distance. This model is best for mid handicappers who want more control and accuracy off the tee. Available in 3 lofts at 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees in right hand only.


  • Impressive look
  • It’s affordable with incredible value


  • It’s not regulated

7. PGX Offset Driver

PGX Offset Driver, a golf club, created by Ping, is one of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers. This club has a smooth, fast face and an offset head that promotes a higher launch angle. The steel shaft and crown-heel design are lightweight and durable, making the club easier to swing smoothly. It also feels comfortable in your hand, thanks to its excellent grip!

The PGX Offset Driver is designed for the mid handicapper looking for more distance. The offset design positions the center of gravity (CG) behind the balance point and away from the face to create a low spin and high launch with maximum forgiveness. It also features an optimal loft, flexible soleplate, new aerodynamics, and high MOI to enhance distance and accuracy.


  • Diverse flex choices
  • Allows you to make a straighter blast


  • It’s has petite slide

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What’s the best golf driver for mid-handicappers?

There are many different options available, and all of them can be considered good choices. The key is to find one that meets your needs and plays a little better than average.


Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers has been released with its most aggressive head shape. The clubface is more significant, and the sweet spot is more petite. It will help the mid handicapper hit further with great consistency and accuracy. Moreover, it’s also made a considerable effort to increase clubhead speed at impact without sacrificing accuracy.

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