10 Ways You Can Improve Your CMS with WordPress

Ways You Can Improve Your CMS with WordPress

Content Management Systems or CMS is software that develops, publishes, and manages your content on the internet. These are excellent systems that allow people to do editing and improve their content without the need for coding. This software helps people to become better bloggers with a quick, easy & accessible system of managing their content. 

WordPress is currently the biggest player in the CMS industry offering the quickest solution to CMS to all people. It has hundreds of versatile themes, plugins, features, and an easy interactive user interface that everyone loves. But how can you do that? In this article, we will discuss 10 ways that you can improve your CMS with WordPress. 

1. Using Custom Post Types:

Custom posts are a great way to improve your CMS functioning. They are the custom post types that WordPress has not included. It can be a video, post, product, event, portfolio, etc. Using custom posts will help you to create content in a versatile manner such that it will create a better user experience. 

2. Use a CDN:

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. They are a group of servers from all corners of the world. When a user opens your page, the nearest CDN server point reduces the loading time. It uses the cache from your website and helps load your website’s page faster. As a result, the load on your server decreases significantly. This improves the overall website speed and lowers the bounce rate. Bounce rate heavily impacts the overall SERP ranking of your website. Therefore improving the bounce rate will also improve your SEO ranking. 

3. Implement a Custom Theme:

WordPress has the largest theme factory in its lap. It has thousands of developers who upload their themes on WordPress for free or paid. These themes reduce our workload and are also great for attracting users. However, using them can create havoc as they offer you limited customization. On the other hand, you can go for a custom theme. A custom theme is just the basic structure of the website which allows you to create elements, header, footer, and other features such as sliding, widgets, and media on your own. It means you have the complete customization in your hand that you can leverage in your favor. 

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4. Write Metadata Easily:

Metadata is important for directing Google’s crawling bots. They interpret what your website is all about. They help Google find your niche and set up your relevancy. You write Metadata for posts and images. When you write Metadata and include keywords into them, it improves your chances of being in the SERPs results. You have more chances to rank on those keywords. To use metadata, use an SEO plugin available in WordPress- Yoast SEO or Rankmath SEO. 

5. Optimizing Images:

Images are a very important part of any website. They make each content more interesting to read. If used smartly, they can become one of the major reasons for great user experience. But here is the catch. Images are not only for making your blog or website interesting. They also improve your SEO ranking & CMS. WordPress offers the feature of Alt Text on images that signal the crawling robots of Google about the content. You can add keywords to it for better SERP ranking. Use a lazy load that will make the website faster and will show the Alt Text to users till images are ready to be shown. WordPress also offers you plugins to compress the image size & automatic Alt Text writing. 

6. Optimize Your Website for Smartphones:

We don’t need to explain how important smartphones are in today’s time. Most people use mobile phones to surf the internet and not having a mobile-optimized website will make you lose a big user base from the internet. Last year we saw a 222% growth in the numbers. Most WP website themes offer a mobile-optimized system where you can set up all your content for your smartphone users. 

7. Integrate with Social Media Platforms:

Integration with Social Media can exceptionally make your CMS great. They are huge platforms that have the power to send hundreds & thousands of traffic to your website. This will initiate an organic flow to your website indicating to Google your relevancy over the subject. Website popularity & social media go hand-to-hand and increase your SEO ranking naturally. However, integrating social media accounts will need coding skills but not in WordPress. WordPress has plugins for integrating your social media profiles to your website for sharing content. 

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8. Install SEO friendly Plugin:

WP offers you to work with SEO optimizing plugins for better performance in SEO. These plugins help you in ranking, create sitemaps, and apply analytics to your website. Here are three major plugins for improving your CMS. 

– Rankmath or Yoast SEO for SEO optimization on your website. 

– Google XML SiteMaps to create complex XML sitemaps to help Google crawl your website. 

– Google Analytics to integrate Google analytics into your WP interface. You can analyze which of your pages are working great and how many clicks your banner ads, affiliate links, and outbound links have. 

9. Improve Your Security:

WordPress has two-step security for all its data. This improves the authenticity of this website and makes users love it. The two-step verification can be two passwords or a combination, or a security question. Of course, this does make it bulletproof but it incredibly increases the chances. This definitely makes your data & content more secure than other platforms. 

10. Use Caching:

Caches are the second way to get access to website data. It doesn’t bother your server and gives your users a fast website loading experience. You can download the Caching WP plugin to store the frequently accessed data at a better speed. This also improves the stability & performance of your website. 


WordPress has been people’s favorite since its release in 2003. Due to its versatile features, easy customization, and the world’s biggest developer community that updates WP every now & then, making it better with each passing day. WordPress has proved itself to be one of the most user-friendly CMS software that any person can use for blogging or business. 

You can also get custom WordPress theme solutions by RSTheme, a renowned company with more than 60+ powerful versatile theme available in the marketplace. 

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