How To Start Writing a Perfect Essay For Good Grades

Start Writing a Perfect Essay For Good Grades

Writing an essay is something that students often seem to fear. Many students find it hard to write an essay, whether it’s for homework, an exam, or a contest. But a service that offers assignment help can be helpful. Even though an essay is a big project, there are several steps you can take to break it up into parts that are easier to handle.

Tips For Writing a Perfect Essay 

Following a set plan is the quickest way to write a good essay, no matter its purpose. If you don’t like writing essays, you can always choose assignment help online. In addition, you can also use these tips to put together a good essay.

Plan your essay writing approach

This may sound like it will take a lot of time, but if you create an effective plan, you will save time. Also, when you’re writing an essay, you must know where your answer is going so that you don’t get stuck.

You can also get help from an online assignment help service. They might help write down a few viewpoints on a certain topic. Once you write down your viewpoints, the rest will easily come to you.

Try to make a mind map representing each new “bubble” for one of your primary paragraphs. You can then write quotes around the bubble to help you with your analysis.

Keep adding new bubbles to your plan, crossing out parts, and connecting the bubbles when you see connections between them. You don’t have to use a mind map if you don’t like it. You can create a table, a flowchart, or just a list of bullet points.

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Try to make a clear essay structure

Think about this as you make your plans. Your essay must be put together in a way that makes sense and answers the question. An assignment help service can help you. Start with the basics. It’s best to pick a few big ideas for your paragraphs’ main points.

An essay should have at least three main paragraphs. If you agree with the issue as a whole, organize your points like this: YES (agree with the question), AND (one more “YES” point), BUT (disagreement), or follow a YES > BUT > AND pattern in case you disagree. 

This will help you stay on track with your argument and not get too far away from the question. 

Use well-thought-out quotes to back up your points

Even though you aren’t required to back up every argument you raise with a quote, there’s no harm in trying. Closely reading your quotes can help you understand the question better and will surely impress your professors.

Assignment help online service can help you keep track of the quotes. Keep an eye on specific literary techniques as you choose the best quotes for your essay.

Don’t worry if you can’t find all of these literary devices in your analyzing piece. You can also talk about more significant impacts, like metaphor, simile, and figures of speech.

Be creative and unique from start to finish

You might not presume it, but creative writing and essay writing have more in common than you might think. Keep in mind that you’re trying to write a speech or an argument, and your reader will be sure to pay attention.

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Online assignment help services can help you break up your essay into parts. In your intro, main body, and the overall direction of your essay, it’s important to state your line of argument. But it is also very important to save something for the end.

Think of your conclusion as the most important part of your speech, the part that everything else has been leading up to. Don’t think of it as the boring part that comes at the end of the good stuff.


Read good books. No matter if you like fiction or nonfiction, reading will show you how to organize your ideas and create a narrative through writing. Even if you get lost in a great plot, your brain is still taking in the style of writing and how it is put together. You can transform your college essays into legitimate works of art with a little planning and practice.

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