Several common excellent YAG laser crystals

YAG laser is a solid laser based upon a yttrium aluminum garnet. The chemical formula of yttrium aluminum garnet is Y3Al5O15. As with other solid lasers, the basic components of the YAG lasers are the laser functioning material and the pump resource harmonious vibration tooth cavity.

But due to the activation of doping ions in the crystal, different sorts of pump sources are used, and the pump varies in a different way by the tooth cavity structure. The other useful framework of the gadget, the YAG laser, can be split right into a variety of. For example, according to the resulting waveform, it can be divided into continual wave frequency YAG laser, YAG laser pulse laser, and so on.

The functioning wavelength can be divided into 1.06 μm YAG laser, frequency-doubled YAG laser, Raman regularity change YAG laser, tunable YAG laser, and so on. Different doping can be split right into Nd: YAG laser, doped Ho, Tm, Er, and so on YAG laser; According to the crystal shape, it can be divided into a bar and strip YAG laser. The different output power can be split into high-power and low-power YAG lasers.

Er: YAG laser crystal

Er: YAG crystal comes from the cubic crystal system, a good solid laser product in the mid-infrared band, which can result from the laser of three wavelengths at space temperature levels: 1.64 μm, 1.78 μm and 2.94 μm, amongst which 1.64 μm and 1.78 μm are in the safe band of human eyes, 2.94 μm remains in the hydroxyl absorption height and can be highly taken in by biological tissues, so it has a good application possibility in laser medication, laser interaction, laser range dimension, and so on.

Nd: YAG laser crystal

Nd: YAG is one of the laser crystals with outstanding, thorough efficiency and vital applications. As a result of its exceptional standard residential properties, it is widely used in commercial, clinical, armed forces, and scientific research areas.

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Nd: YAG crystal Advantages:

  • High optical high quality, reduced loss
  • High gain, low threshold, high efficiency
  • Appropriate for ordinary high power solid state laser
  • High mechanical toughness, exceptional thermal conductivity as well as thermal shock resistance
  • Appropriate for all laser functioning settings (constant, pulse, Q switch, mode locking, frequency increasing, and so on).

Tm: YAG laser Crystal.

Tm: YAG crystal, thulium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal. Tm: Ideal thulium crystal pole medium for YAG crystals with a 2-micron wavelength thulium laser source. The self-quenching system of H4 and F4 degrees of Tm: YAG crystals can create two-photon excitation in the upper level, potentially supplying an effective means for the laser to acquire high quantum efficiency.

Tm: YAG crystals are commonly utilized in LiDAR and other atmospheric discovery areas due to their operating wavelength of 2013nm.

Tm: YAG has the complying characteristics:

  • The fluorescence lifetime of Tm is 9.2ms@6 %.
  • A Tm: YAG crystal is twice as long as a Tm: YAP crystal.
  • Tm: YAG crystals discharge a slightly lower cross-sectional location than Tm: YAP crystals.
  • The height absorption band is 785nm.
  • Preferable for the pump of the semiconductor diode.

YAG laser light beam quality is good and also has the advantages of high effectiveness, inexpensive, stability, safety and security, precision, and high integrity. A straight slot is tiny in details applications, making use of YAG laser tools, handling rate, high effectiveness, and far better financial benefit.

The cut surface area is smooth and can get a larger depth-to-diameter proportion, as well as the warmth contortion, deep and large, can be hard, weak, and soft on different products such as processing. There is no tool wear or substitute. No mechanical comes to be simple to automate.

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High processing pump effectiveness can be accomplished under as much as about 20% under unique conditions. With the performance renovation, the laser medium’s warm load lowers. Therefore, it substantially enhances the high quality of the beam of light’s long life, high reliability, small dimension, light-weight, and is ideal for miniaturization applications.

YAG laser is suitable for laser cutting, welding, and boring of steel products: such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and also an alloy, copper as well as alloy, titanium, and also an alloy, nickel-molybdenum alloy as well as various other products.

Commonly used in air travel, aerospace, tools, ships, petrochemical, medical, instrumentation, microelectronics, vehicle, and other markets, it boosts processing top quality and functioning effectiveness. Additionally, the YAG laser can supply a specific and fast research technique for a clinical research study.

Compared to various other lasers, the YAG laser can work in 2 ways: pulse and constant. Q-switching and mod-locking innovation can get its pulse output to ensure that its handling variety is larger than that of a carbon dioxide laser. The resulting wavelength of the YAG laser is 1.06, which is simply one order size smaller than the wavelength of the carbon dioxide laser 10.06, so it has high coupling efficiency with steel and good processing performance.

One of the most important is that the YAG laser can be coupled with fiber. With the help of time and power division, a multiplexing system can conveniently send a laser beam to numerous terminals or long-distance stations, which is convenient for laser processing to achieve flexibility.

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