#1 Picuki Complete Guide – Instagram Editor and Reader for Infinite stories and profiles

Picuki gives you unlimited access to the best Instagram tool on the market. It’s easy and fun to use, enabling you to create and share your posts and stories and others’. 

Accentuate pictures with filters, stickers and text or add a superimposed graphic. Picuki is guaranteed 100% safe to download and FREE of charge, with no in-app purchases.

What Distinguishes Picuki Website?

  • You can look at your favorite person’s history. Picuki is a playful and clean way to explore the history of your favorite person’s Instagram. It’s easy to use; click on the profile you want to view and save it, then share it with your friends!
  • Picuki guarantee your privacy while operating. Picuki is a private and secure Instagram app. Your most important photos are only visible to your friends and followers. Picuki’s built-in photo editor allows you to add beautiful filters, frames and stickers to enhance your photos.

You can browse your friends’ pictures without opening them in settings with a crystal clear view. The app also saves your favorite images locally to view without an internet connection. There is no other app like this on the market today.

  • With Picuki you can download picture without ID log in.  Its unique way of editing and viewing Instagram posts is a solution for many. It gives you the power to watch your favorite stories and profiles without logging in with your Instagram ID. You don’t have to log in again!
  • It has the perfect compatibility with Instagram. Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer for stories, profiles, and more that offers a fullscreen experience built on top of the native mobile app. 

It supports multiple accounts in your Safari browser without needing to enter your username or password each time you want to view. It loads quickly, creating a much more streamlined browsing experience than Instagram’s website.

How to view Picuki Usage on Instagram Profile 

With Picuki you don’t need to sign up unlike other apps. You only have to follow a few steps as follows;

Step 1#. You must make a Picuki account using genuine or fake details (this can be optional.)

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Step #2. Once it is open, go to the search option and type in the username of any Instagram user.

Step #3. Picuki will begin to display all of the information associated with that account.

Step #4. You can view or download these information on your smartphone or PC.

What is the best way to use Picuki?

You can use Picuki to view photos by using two different modes: Search an account or search a hashtag. The app organizes your photos by month, making it easy to find and view personal and public content.

Mode #1. Search Account 

  • Type Picuki.com into the search bar, an online Instagram photo and video download service.
  • Go to the website and type in the account name you’d want to check right now. The system will redirect you to the company’s home page right away. The main page right away.
  • The online tool will display all Instagram users connected to the account name you supplied; you should be able to find the fascinating account you’re looking for quite quickly.
  • When you find the account you want, click it, and all of the account’s media will appear on your screen. Picuki compiled a list of all Instagram users’ feeds.
  • You can now begin browsing the Instagram account’s whole photo library! Click to enter when you’re ready to download a post.
  • If you want to download a photo after it has been opened, simply click “Download” and follow the on-screen instructions. Picuki downloads the full size of the image, so the thumbnail doesn’t shrink.

Mode #2. Search Hashtag

  • Go to the Picuki homepage and use the search box, as before.
  • Simply type the hashtag you’re looking for into the search field and then click the “search icon.” For example, if you’re looking for #Valentine, type it into the search field.
  • Tap “Tags” from the drop-down menu over your window’s search results.
  • Picuki will provide a list of hashtags; tap the one you want to see.
  • The hashtag search results will be displayed, and you can scroll the screen to see the related posts. Now you can see the hashtag search photographs and, if you want to download them, hit on download.

Picuki: How to Customize an Image

  • Picuki also has the advantage of being an online tool that can be used to edit your photos and other people’s Instagram photos. Picuki is the only Instagram downloader that has this feature.
  • Picuki too allows you to apply various filters and adjust to a photo. You can control the image’s saturation, exposure, contrast, brightness, and other aspects. It is pretty handy to alter photographs without having to create an account. After making the necessary edits, you can save the image to your device.
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Picuki advantages

Picuki is the best Instagram editor app available on Google Play. It is a free download and can be used to edit photos, videos, and stories. The app is straightforward to use and has a simple user interface. You can also view your friends’ reports and see if they have used third-party apps to edit their photos or videos.

Picuki for Instagram helps you make your profile look more appealing by adding filters and stickers. You can add text to your images and videos using this application. The best part of Picuki for Instagram is that it allows you to create your stickers from scratch using your favourite pictures or photos from the internet.

Benefits include;

  • No need to download any other app for editing photos or videos; it’s all in one place in Picuki for the Instagram app
  • Edit photos, videos, or stories with just a few clicks only; no complicated procedures or steps are required here
  • Save time by making use of our advanced editing tools like clone stamp tool, blur effect tool, etc., which lets you get rid of unwanted objects from your photos easily
  • Add stickers over any photo or video created

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Picuki?

Click here to download the app by clicking on “Get it now.” After installing it, please open it and follow the first-time user guide to learn how to use all of its features. 

How do you save edited photos/videos?

Please tap on the save ribbon (top right corner of the screen) to save it on the device or directly to Instagram!


Picuki is a free application, but paid features are available if you want to use them. There are no ads on this app, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to edit their images without dealing with ads or other distractions.

It’s an app for Instagram that lets you edit the photos and videos that you have taken. The app has been designed with ease of use in mind, so it will be easy to use even if you are new to this type of editing. It is also straightforward to download and install.

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