#1 How to Install Microsoft Office 2021 For Mac

Microsoft Office 2021 For Mac

In this post, we spent some time discussing the latest Microsoft office 2021 for Mac. Are you looking to install the new micro office but don’t know where to start? When you have a mac, the first thing to come to mind is downloading, and you don’t have to struggle to do that since we cover everything to get you started. After installation, you don’t have to worry anymore about activation since everything is well planned.

Procedures to follow:

Read those essential things you will need to follow before downloading.

Prepare before starting to install Microsoft office for mac

You will first need to choose your preferred browser and turn off the gatekeeper and SIP to start installing. If you have another ms word on your MacBook that is not active, consider removing it before installing the new one. This will take you a few minutes, and you will have done it. 

Download Microsoft Office on mac

Don’t use any other option; if you want to install it on a mac to make the simple work use that MacBook.

Disable your gatekeeper and SIP

Ensure you have strong internet. The macOS above will give you simple tasks for the mac office. Follow some of the instructions given below.

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Once you have turned off the gatekeeper, you can proceed to install the ms office 2021 as instructed 

Install Microsoft office on mac

Step 1: You will have to extract Microsoft office into a folder and then try to open it. 

Step2: You need to open the ms office file through the folder to start installing. 

Step 3: Install the Microsoft office for MacBook by clicking on the agree and install it to allow the process to start. You will be asked to approve the terms; click accept and agree. You will see a notice for installing all user’s computers; leave it and click on continue.

Go ahead to install and don’t change anything to be able to activate it. 

Put the username and password for the machine you are using. Wait for the installation to finish, then click on the close. 

Activate Microsoft Office on a mac

Step1: Use the original folder and try to open the file to activate it permanently.

Step 2: Click the continue button

Step 3: Click on install 

Step 4: Enter the user name and password for the machine to click on the software

Step 5: You will have to wait some minutes for the software to run; once completed, it will ensure that your installation is successful and that the facility has been activated. 

Remove the Microsoft office update on mac.

If the office has an update, you will get a notification and can easily update the new version if necessary. Read these steps on how to work it quickly:

Step 1:  On your mac, press the command SHIFT G, then paste the link and press GO. 

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Step2: You will see a folder name written MAU click on it to open. 

Step3: Right-click on it and select move the trash to delete the Microsoft update 

Start enjoying Microsoft office on mac

Once you finish, you can now start enjoying all the services for the office and use any one of them on your MacBook without getting destructions. However, the most popular software includes word, excel, and PowerPoint.

The installation office will not take much time as long as your internet speed is high. However, if you sign in with a work account, you may need again to install office 365 apps to make work easier. 

Frequently Asked Question of Microsoft Office 2021 For Mac

How can I change the official language?

You will have to open the office application; you will see the option to change any language you want worldwide. Click on that icon you see and choose it.

Can I upgrade to the latest office?

Yes, you can download the latest version.

Is it recommendable to use Microsoft office for mac for free?

You can use it for free once you follow the steps above. 
Using those features will not ask you to pay for them; however, sometimes, the office will ask you to pay some fee for default. You can buy it to support your developer and avoid future issues.  

How can I install micro soft successfully without error?

if you have an office on your mac? Remove it first before making installation. When your mac is clean, you can install it, and you will not face any issues. 

Can it harm MacBook?

No, Microsoft is just software; it cannot makes some errors for your mac. 


When struggling with how to get Microsoft office for your mac, the above information will help you to download it. This article makes you work with peace of mind, and you don’t have to struggle to find ways to download the new version. Follow those procedures above, and everything will work out perfectly. MacBook works out perfectly if you have good software and install all of them; it makes your work easy.

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