Discover 1st-Rate Support at Vets First Choice

Vets First Choice radically simplifies managing your pet’s medication and wellness needs. As an industry leader in veterinary pharmacy services, Vets First Choice excels at helping pet owners access prescribed medicines with speed, convenience and personalized support. Read on to see how Vets First Choice provides a superior experience.

Partnering with your veterinarian, Vets First Choice handles medication fulfillment so you can focus on your pet’s health instead of pharmacy hassles. Enjoy simplified ordering, quick home delivery and pharmacy experts ready to help with product questions, all in service of your pet’s wellbeing.

Prescription Management

Vets First Choice makes it easy to order and manage your pet’s medications:

Easy Ordering and Refills: Quickly submit new prescriptions or refill existing meds online or via mobile app.

Medication Syncing: Line up refills to ship altogether so your pet’s medications arrive on the same schedule.

Auto-Refill Enrollment: Opt to automatically refill your pet’s long-term medications on schedule. One less thing to remember!

The intuitive platforms and convenient programs keep your pet’s regimen on track.

Home Delivery Services

In addition to simplified ordering, Vets First Choice offers reliable home delivery:

Free 2-Day Shipping: All medications ship free directly to your door in discreet, temperature-controlled packaging.

Temperature-Controlled Packaging: Safeguards temperature-sensitive meds using ice packs and insulating materials.

Tracking Shipments: Track your order’s progress online for estimated delivery awareness and peace of mind.

Home delivery means no more trips to the pharmacy. Let the medications come to you!

Pet Owner Resources

Beyond just dispensing medication, Vets First Choice provides helpful resources:

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Medication Information Library: Look up medication descriptions, dosing instructions, side effects and more in the online library.

Ask the Vet Feature: Get your product questions answered promptly by a licensed veterinary professional.

Monthly Pet Health Tips: Sign up to receive an email newsletter with seasonal pet tips and wellness advice.

The wealth of included pet health resources help you stay an informed pet parent.

Discover 1st-Rate Support at Vets First Choice

Saving Money with Vets First Choice

As an advocate for pets, Vets First Choice offers many ways to save:

Generic Medication Options: When available, generic alternatives provide the same quality for less cost.

Promo & Discounts: Look for vets first choice promo code to enjoy dollars off your first order or free shipping.

Rewards Program Perks: Earn rewards points on purchases redeemable for discounts on future orders.

Vets First Choice makes pet meds affordable with generics, promos, and loyalty rewards.


In summary, Vets First Choice gives your pet the very best support by simplifying prescription fulfillment, providing speedy delivery, and offering unmatched guidance. When you need a trusted pharmacy partner committed to service, look no further than Vets First Choice. Sign up today and discover why Vets First Choice is pets’ first choice!


Does Vets First Choice require vet approval?

Yes, Vets First Choice can only fill prescriptions that have been approved and sent by your vet.

What if my pet needs medication urgently?

For urgent medication needs, contact Vets First Choice to explore expedited shipping options to get meds ASAP.

Can I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy?

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Yes, you can easily transfer your pet’s prescriptions from another pharmacy to Vets First Choice.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Vets First Choice accepts major credit cards, debit cards, HSA/FSA, and CareCredit.

Can I speak to a pharmacist about side effects?

Yes, you can speak to a licensed veterinary pharmacist any time by calling Vets First Choice with medication questions.

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