Cost of fixing an AC Repair Service

AC Repair Service

AC Repair will cost between 50 AED and 1,000 AED to fix an air conditioner. If you just need to add more refrigerant, you could do the work yourself for as little as 50 AED. But if you need to replace parts or have a professional mechanic fix them, you could easily spend 1,000 AED or more.

Here is a more detailed list of things that can go wrong with the air conditioner and need to be fixed.

AC System Leak
It’s possible that the system just needs more coolant. This is the easiest and cheapest problem to solve. You can get a can of Freon for $10 or less if you know how to recharge the system and have the right gauges (Even if we strongly recommend a professional mechanic with the right tools to fill it to avoid issues).

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But if the level of refrigerant stays low, there could be a leak. As a closed system, more than an ounce of refrigerant shouldn’t be able to leak out every year. As time goes on, the hoses and clamps may wear out or break.

With a UV dye, you can find out where the leak is coming from. You pump this dye into the system and then look for leaks with special glasses.

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You have to fix any leaks you find before you can recharge the system. If an O-ring is causing the leak, it won’t cost much to fix. On the other hand, it will cost at least 1000 AED to fix some parts. No matter what, you don’t want a leak to keep going because it’s bad for the environment and can damage the compressor.

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Cabin Filter Blocked
You might not think that the cabin air filter has anything to do with how hot or cold the house is, but it’s important to check. If the air is getting warmer, the filter might be clogged. If the filter is clogged, the system won’t get enough air. If the filter is changed often, it won’t get clogged.
Again, this fix doesn’t cost much money and can be done almost entirely without tools in your garage. The price of your new cabin filter could be anywhere from 50 AED to 25 AED. Taking out the old, clogged filter and putting in the new one shouldn’t take long. If you can’t do it yourself, you might have to pay someone for an hour to do it.

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The AC compressor is not working.
There are many mechanical parts that can break, but the one that usually does is the air conditioner compressor. If the compressor stops working, the vents won’t blow out any cool air. The system can also make strange noises when it’s on.
The compressor is hard to fix for a lot of people. To replace, it will take a lot of work and special tools. You can expect to pay between 100 AED and 400 AED for the compressor and between 250 AED and 750 AED for the labor.

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Machine parts that do not work
There are a lot of other parts that make up the air conditioner. Even though the compressor is the most likely to break, you can’t ignore the fact that one of the others has already broken. It is also possible for the condenser and evaporator to stop working. On top of that, the motor that runs the blower could break, making it hard to get air into the cabin.
When a mechanical part breaks, a professional needs to fix it and charge the system. Depending on the type of car you have and the part that needs to be fixed, you could easily spend 1,000 AED or more.

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How long does an air conditioner in a car last?
When you drive a car, you want to know how long the parts will last. You know how often to check the brakes, change the oil, and move the tires. Not much is said, though, about how long your air conditioner should last.

Most of the time, you need to recharge the refrigerant every few years. Some people choose to have their air conditioner checked every year before it gets hot. Most of the time, these inspections cost about 300 AED, but they give you peace of mind when you need to cool the cabin down. During a professional inspection, the levels of refrigerant are checked and all the important parts are looked at.

When hoses have been used for a long time, they can break. Another part that tends to break after eight to ten years is the compressor. But if you don’t take care of it or if you run it with too little refrigerant, it will break down quickly.

Signs that the air conditioner needs to be fixed
The main sign that something is wrong is that the air coming out of the system is warmer than usual. This process can be quick or slow, depending on what went wrong. When parts break, you may also be able to smell something strange coming from the system.

Aside from this, you should have the air conditioning system checked if you hear strange sounds like grinding or squealing. Broken parts, like hoses that don’t work, are a clear sign that you need to do something.

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