A Simple Shortcut to Eject Water from a Wet iPhone

How to eject water from a wet iPhone 

You’ve dropped your iPhone in the toilet, bathtub, or pool, and although you think it is ruined forever, there may be a way to save it. There’s a simple shortcut that will eject any water from your device so you can turn it on and use it again.

While the majority of current iPhones are water resistant, this does not guarantee they will repel all fluids. If you drop your phone in a pond, it’s possible that the speaker grill and charging port will become wet.

So, how exactly can you get water out of your iPhone? The IOS Water Eject shortcut can help you get rid of undesirable moisture on your iPhone, proving that there is an app for everything. We are living in incredible times. Today, this article will explore the following; 

  • Way to download the water ejected app
  • How to start the water ejector shortcut 
  • How to create short by adding the water ejector to your home screen and more. 

 Downloading the Water Ejector Shortcut

It’s quite simple to download and activate this shortcut, and it just takes a minute. Make very sure you have the Shortcut (Free) software installed on your iPhone before you begin. You’ll also need to make sure you have an internet connection and that your iOS is up to date. To download and use the Water Eject shortcut, follow these steps:

  • Because it’s a third-party shortcut, you’ll have to acquire it from the Shortcuts Gallery website. To get straight to the download page, click this link.
  • There will be a popup. Press Open to begin downloading the shortcut.
  • Add a shortcut by pressing the button.
  • In the Shortcuts app, your shortcut will appear in the My Shortcuts screen.
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How to Start the Water Ejector Shortcut 

Here are the steps to use the Shortcut now that you’ve successfully created it:

  • Go to the My Shortcuts screen under Shortcuts.
  • To start it, tap the Water Eject shortcut.
  • Hold down start 
  • Select Intensity Level will be required of you. Depending on how much water has gotten inside your iPhone, choose what you believe is appropriate. The highest level of intensity produces the best effects.
  • Your volume sidebar will display on the right side of your screen after that. Your iPhone will begin vibrating at a specified frequency, with the volume turned up to maximum. You’ll hear a sound after it’s completed.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to approve access to a specific website. Tapping is ok. Allowing

How to Create Short by Adding the Water Ejector to Your Home Screen

You can add this shortcut to your iPhone Home Screen for quick access in an emergency. You can also share it with someone who needs to eject water from their iPhone or iPad speakers. Follow this procedure.

  • Locate the Water Eject shortcut in the Shortcuts app.
  • On the Water Eject shortcut, tap the three dots.
  • Send it to your chosen contact by tapping the Share icon at the bottom of the screen. In the same popup, you can also choose to Add to Home Screen. To add it to your Home Screen, tap it.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

How can you tell how badly your iPhone has been harmed by water?

Liquid contact indicators (LCI) or water-damage indications are built into the majority of Apple products, making it simple to determine how much liquid has been exposed to your device. The similar indicator appears on iPhones, and it assists Apple in determining whether or not your device has been damaged by liquid. In that instance, the one-year limited warranty isn’t applicable. The indicator is located beneath the SIM card tray of the iPhone. A silver or white LCI is ideal. Its color turns to red when it is activated (that is, when it comes into touch with liquid).

Are the rice and silica procedures truly effective?

Uncooked rice and silica are both desiccant, which means they can absorb moisture from their surroundings. Although silica gel absorbs moisture better than rice when placed against each other, we recommend soaking your wet phone in uncooked rice for longer periods of time rather than using silica gel to absorb all of the moisture.

How do you get your data back from a wet iPhone?

To begin, follow the instructions in the preceding article to save the iPhone from water damage. Even if the iPhone is completely dead, data can still be recovered. There’s still hope even if you’ve tried everything and think your device is beyond repair. Data from an iTunes or iCloud backup can be recovered.
You’ll need another iPhone for this. iTunes can use the backup to restore your data to a new phone. What if you don’t have another phone to which you can recover your data? You should use one of those iPhone data recovery software and manually scan for lost data using the existing iTunes backup.


You might be surprised how often you forget to plug in your phone and leave it in a room or car that gets hot or how often you set your phone down on a damp countertop. Either way, water can seep inside of it. But the good news is that you don’t have to worry about permanently damaging your phone! If your iPhone is wet, the first thing you should do is power off the device and remove its battery. Then, place the device in a bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours to help dry it out.

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