7 Most Ideal Jobs For Women In UK With Competitive Salaries

Trying to learn about the highest-paying jobs for women in the UK? Here are some basic facts; the workforce in the United Kingdom is 52.7 % females and 47.3% males. However, the female workforce decreased by 0.4% in 2021, and the male workforce increased to 0.4%.

The employment of women has decreased after the pandemic. It was difficult for many women to work full-time jobs with the increasing prices of children’s daycares services. As the year changed, there are now a lot of job opportunities that females can pursue in 2023 and have fulfilling salaries that can benefit their financial needs.

This blog is all about encouraging women to enter the British job market and have a better idea of the highest-paying jobs for females in the UK. Keep reading till the end, and you might find a perfect occupation for your future.

Top Careers For Women In UK With A Lucrative Pay Scale


A business manager is one the highest paying job in the UK. The responsibility that comes with this job is more about leadership and supervision of monitoring day-to-day projects. The job offers £25k – £62k base salary and bonuses up to £990-£17k. The gender breakdown for business managers is 58.1% female and 41.1% male. It means that females hold more managerial positions as compared to the opposite gender in 2023.


Personal trainers have the proficiency to assist people with exercise and workouts. Since 2014, the fitness industry has experienced a boom. The salary of a top-rated personal trainer can start from £27k and go up to £126,000.

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 A CEO is a highest-ranking executive in a company or organization. The average salary starts at £1,494 – £1,864 per week. A CEO is in charge of all the activities in the corporation. The requirement of the job is to have a business-related degree as well as post-graduate qualifications like MBA. Your resume is very crucial for your selection as a CEO, so you have to focus more on your CV writings skills.


A head teacher is the one who supervises all the other tutors and balances their work. We see so many females opt for the education industry to pursue their professional careers because they are paid a very good amount for the job. A head teacher can earn £41K to £84K annually. Bigger schools and colleges might even pay a bit more to their teachers.


Being a doctor is a very altruistic job. However, they are waged in huge amounts. The demand for doctors has increased, especially after the wave of COVID-19 because there was a shortage of workers in the healthcare sector. The job requires treating and diagnosing patients. A healthcare professional can earn up to £45K to £77K per year.


The IT industry is developing beyond limits and offering great job opportunities to developers of all kinds. However, the best package is mostly offered to Java developers. The job asks them to develop software and design other apps based on the Java programming language. The job does not necessarily require a degree. Even a certification would be enough for you to land the job as, in the end, only skills matter. The average salary is £55,381. The job has many applicants, so in order to stand out among other candidates, you should hire cover letter writing services to help you secure the job.    

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This is one of the best professions for women who are expecting high salaries, as the competitive real estate market is a good way to make some big bucks and have a thriving career. The job demands work for a brokerage and submitting offers to negotiate and complete sales. Selling a property and managing all the paperwork in UK might help you earn £28,919 per year.

To Sum It All

UK is the hub of job opportunities not only for men but also women. The salaries are also outstanding. This blog will clear your confusion and help you decide what is the perfect career and jobs for women that you should target. We hope that this blog would have helped you find what you were looking for.