Top 4 Free SEO Tools to Optimize your Website Page

When you’re creating content for the web, it is essential to incorporate the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that is integrated into your strategy for content. This will ensure that your content is as optimized as you can. SEO tools can assist you to discover ways to improve the visibility of your website.

SEO may seem intimidating for newbies, but many free SEO tools are just as effective as their paid counterparts.

Here’s a list of the top Free SEO tools: 

Top free SEO tools to optimize your website page

1. Rencotools

Rencotools are the result of the work of many individuals that are evident in the list of features available. If you want to verify the structure of an article, discover the best keywords, or even evaluate the performance of your site, it is all possible with this suite.


  •  Free of cost plagiarism checker
  •  Does not save information  
  •  User-friendly interface

2. Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that assists you in optimizing the content on your website. It lets you create descriptions and meta titles and organize your data more efficiently. It is easy to download and add this plugin to your WordPress website, and you can begin using it.


Rank Math provides your content with an overall SEO ranking for every page. If you specify the keyword you’re aiming for the plugin will suggest ways to improve your rankings for that particular keyword. It also helps you identify the dead hyperlinks on your website as well as redirect URLs to new pages.

3. Yoast SEO Plugin

Its Yoast SEO plugin helps you improve the performance of your WordPress site and to identify any areas of your content that aren’t being addressed. If your website runs WordPress install and then activate the Yoast plugin to get started.

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The Yoast plugin lets you enhance and alter your content in three ways such as readability, SEO, and social. With Yoast, you can define Meta descriptions, titles, and canonical URLs, label index/no index pages as well as other settings for your website. The plugin assigns each blog post a score for readability by taking into account the length of paragraphs and sentences and other factors. It also Yoast offers a variety of features that can help you increase the sharing potential of your content on social networks.

4. Google Trends

The name suggests that Google Trends lets you keep track of the popularity of subjects and trends in your field over time. Utilize this tool to determine the latest trends and then use this information to create accurate and timely content marketing strategies.


Google Trends provides the most precise overview of how particular trends evolve with time and how users search patterns change around them. To access Google Trends, start by entering a keyword. It will show the level of interest in this area over time as well as the regions that show the highest level of interest, and other terms people are searching for about that question. This tool is most effective when used in conjunction with other keywords to display the trends and comparisons over time.

5. SERP Similarity

Are you unsure whether two keywords require 2 different pages or are placed on the same page as the other? The SERP Similarity Tool created by Keyword Insights will instantly tell you the degree of similarity two keywords have to each other:

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It’s free after you sign up using the tool. It allows you to swiftly check the SERPs of two distinct terms (although according to owners that they’ll soon be able to compare more than 2 keywords).

A paid edition of Keyword Insights also allows you to group up to 2.5 million keywords at once, which means you can technically look up millions of keywords simultaneously.


It’s not easy to determine when the blog you’re creating a post or determining which pages for a category or product to include on your site If two keywords can be placed in the same place, or if you’ll need to create different pages that target these keywords quickly. For instance, “vape parts” and “vape accessories”. If we wish to get a good ranking for both are we able to create a single category page that targets “Vape components and accessories” and do we require two pages? They must mean the same thing, right?

6. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is an e-version of Ahrefs full-featured tool. It will provide you with the most relevant keyword suggestions when you search for a specific keyword or phrase. To access this tool, for free use up to 100 keywords or phrases in your search box. It will display a list of some of the most searched-for keywords relevant to your search.


This tool provides users with the opportunity to experience the capabilities of Ahrefs full tool could accomplish and is ideal for those who wish to research some keywords in the industry. Alongside the keyword, you will find the top 50 searches about the keyword.

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