4 Lesser Known Facts About Kochi

Kochi is one of the most popular cities in Kerala. It is formerly known as Cochin and was the main trade center in the state. The city is also called the commercial capital of Kerala. Sometimes, the city is also referred to as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. Kochi has a rich history but also serves as one of the most fast-paced modern cities in the country. When it comes to natural beauty, no other city can beat Kochi. Facts about Kochi tourism contain so many facts.

The city consists of islands and narrow peninsulas. That’s why it can be easily divided into different towns such as Ernakulam, Willingdon Island, Mattancherry, and Fort Kochi. You will also find an international airport, Cochin International Airport, and a seaport that connects Kochi to the world. When it comes to connectivity, the city has the best ones. The network of roads, rail, backwater, and a modern communication system of the city make Kochi a well-connected city. 

As far as the history of the city is concerned, Kochi was once only a small fishing village. After the separation of this village from the mainland, it became one of the safest ports in the country. Soon, the port became popular and began commercial prosperity.

Kochi has always been a tourist favorite. From forts, palaces, museums, and old churches to backwaters, and beaches, you can find everything here to make your vacation even more memorable. Thus, it’s better to know facts about Kochi before planning your trip. If you are unaware of any place, it becomes difficult to enjoy it to the fullest as somewhere you remain cautious and don’t enjoy it. When you are familiar with a place, it helps in understanding its offerings. Sometimes, when you see things that you have only read about makes the trip more interesting. Therefore, know about famous places in Kochi, things to do in Kochi, and learn more about the city. 

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Interesting Facts About Kochi 

All Tourists’ Favorite

One of the major facts about Kochi is that the city has a lot of names such as ‘Mini England’ for English, ‘Homely Holland’ for Dutch, and ‘Little Lisbon’ for Portuguese. With all these fancy names, there’s one more name given to Kochi by Europeans: ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. The city has a strategic position in the international seafaring route and that’s why it has been an apple of every trader’s eye. Plus, the city has so many natural attractions that are well-known among visitors across the world. From backwaters and ports to lush green gardens and old churches, the city has everything that comes on every traveler’s list. Kochi is a beautiful city with so many attractions and that’s why it is a favorite among all visitors to India. There are many cheap flights from Philadelphia to Kochi available to reach the destination. 

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Home to India’s First European Church

The city is home to India’s first European church. The name of the church is St. Francis Church which was established by the Portuguese in 1903. The church is located in the region of Fort Koch. Not only a church, but it is also famous because the body of Vasco da Gama was also buried here originally. However, after a few years, the remains of Vasco da Gama’s body were transferred to Lisbon. This architecturally-built church in Kochi is one of the most-visited monuments in the country. Hence, it is recommended not to miss out on visiting this ancient masterpiece when you are in Kochi. So, read this one of the most important facts about Kochi and add this church to your visit list.

The Only Place to Find Chinese Fishing Net

One of the lesser-known facts about Kochi is that it is home to Chinese fishing nets. China uses a huge net to catch fish. The net is known as Cheenavala. If you have never visited China but want to see this unique net, you can come to Kochi. Kochi is the one and only city that uses these giant fishing nets apart from China. When you talk to the locals, they will let you know the entire story behind using these nets. They say that Chinese traders introduce these huge nets to the Kochi locals so that they can catch fish easily. Today, these fishing nets are one of the major attractions in Kochi for photographers. Avail of Indian Eagle multi-city flights and reach Kochi without any hassle. 

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Three Railway Stations

Many other states and cities have more than 2 railway stations and it’s quite common. But when it comes to Kerala, it’s quite unusual. In the entire state, Kochi is the only city that has more than 1 station i.e. 3 railway stations. Well, that’s true! Kochi is Kerala’s one and only city that is home to 3 railway stations and witnesses many passengers in all three stations. The names of these stations are Ernakulam Junction, Old Railway Station, and Cochin Harbour Terminus. Among all these three stations, Ernakulam Town is the biggest and busiest one which serves more than 28,000 passengers every day. Sometimes people visit these three stations to witness the history of Kerala and that’s why it is one the most famous places in Kochi. You can also get the lowest price cheap flights if you research properly.

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