What are cable tray- Advantages, Disadvantages, and Safety Standards?

Are you going to get some electrical work done on your property? If yes, then you should see this and get detailed knowledge about the cable tray. 

If it is about managing wires, cable trays play a significant role. A cable tray will protect network cables against fire and overheating. Cable trays are available in all sizes and can be customized as per the customer’s requirement. However, anyone who is looking down to buy cable trays from the cable tray manufacturer should first know everything related to the cable tray.

Here you will get to know about the brief of cable trays, including their advantages, disadvantages, and safety standards.

What is a cable tray?

A cable tray is a mechanical support system that is used to organize cable wires systematically and support the cable in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The GI cable tray is a perfect solution to support large volumes of network cables. The cable tray has a powder-coated finish that helps in the protection of cables from dust and falling water.

To support and route the open wires, cables are the best, safest, and most dependable options. Cable trays support all types of wiring such as power distribution cables, high-voltage power lines, Telecommunication cables, and fiber optical cables. cable trays are very helpful and become a smart solution to various problems with traditional wiring systems.

Cable trays are used in a wide variety of environments either it is residential or industrial. It’s fair to expect that cable tray has a lot of advantages. But as you all know every coin has two sides, similarly cable tray has both pros and cons. If you are considering the advantages and disadvantages, you should also have to take into account the environment where you are installing and if any technical requirements are needed to fall into that compliance with any laws or codes then you should maintain it.

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Advantages of cable tray:

There are some major advantages of using cable trays that are listed below:

1. Easy installation: Compared to conduit, cable trays are simple to install the trays in industrial or commercial places. To install a cable tray, it is not necessary to get experienced technicians. Cable trays can be arranged along both walls and ceilings. 

2. Flexibility: Cable trays are available in different sizes and can be customized as per the requirement of the customer.

3. Strength of material: The size and strength of the cable tray are dependent on wirings. For the heavy wirings heavy machines are used and for the LAN cables simple tray is used.

4. Cost-effective: The cable tray is much more affordable than electrical pipes due to its design and size. This is also one of the reasons why customers preferred cable trays.

5. Low Maintenance: For easy maintenance checks and changing of wires, the cable tray has holes on it and is easily visible so that cables can enter or exit easily to the tray at any point of the system.

Disadvantages of cable tray:

There are a few disadvantages of using cable trays that are listed below:

1. Expensive costing: The cable tray can cost expensive when the customer wants a customization facility or protection for their cable tray.

2. Heavy strength: When the weight of the cable tray is heavy, it becomes difficult to install the tray in some applications. 

3. Irregular maintenance: The cable tray requires regular maintenance and inspection to ensure that they are working properly or not or if the cables are not damaged.

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Cable Tray Safety measures:

A cable tray is an ideal solution for heavy-duty cable wires. But somehow we have to keep in mind the issues and complications we can face. Sometimes the cable wires get a short circuit. This happens when the wires are not properly organized or if the cable is of poor quality. Overstuffed cable trays can result to increase fire risk.

To ignore all these issues, you should keep the points clear in your mind. You must install the cable wires in the system properly and systematically. When you are going to buy a cable tray from the cable tray manufacturer, make sure the tray is of premium quality. To reduce the risk of fire, one should keep the cables separated and provide a clear pathway for heat to dissipate.


A cable tray is an excellent option to organize and manage cable wires systematically. The Tray cable provides you with quick and easy access to the cables. Cable trays have several advantages and are the best choice for every customer as they can be available in all ranges and customized too as per the customer’s requirement. But instead of advantages, there are a few disadvantages also that you should know about and keep in mind. The cable tray is made from galvanized high-quality material that protects the tray from falling water, and dust and minimizes the fire risk.

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